Miami Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Charged with aggravated assault?

Assault is defined as intentionally and unlawfully threatening another, by word or act, with force or violence against them. Aggravated assault is assault that possesses an aggravating, or worsening factor, such as the use of a deadly weapon, or committing the crime while already engaged in a felonious act. In this case, a deadly weapon is considered any item that is used in a way likely to cause death or extensive bodily harm.

Aggravated assault is considered a third-degree felony in our state, and is assigned a Level 6 offense severity ranking in accordance with our state's Criminal Punishment Code. A conviction can result in the following penalties in any combination:

  • A prison sentence of up to 5 years
  • Probation for up to 5 years
  • Fines of up to $5,000

A Miami criminal defense lawyer is prepared to aggressively defend you in your aggravated assault case. By investigating your charges and presenting the facts and evidence found in a court of law, they may secure an outcome in which your charges or lessened, or in which you are cleared of any and all wrongdoing.

Defending Your Rights

At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., we believe that those charged with crimes should have their rights fully defended and protected. Our clients have the right to legal defense against their charges, as well as an investigation into their cases so as to obtain relevant facts and evidence. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, we are available to help you by providing you with a defense in your case such as:

  • Conditional threat - If you have made a statement that expresses a conditional threat to commit a violent act at some unspecified time in the future, based upon a possible eventuality, your act does not constitute assault and you cannot be charged as such.
  • Unreasonable fear - If your accuser who was "threatened" was taunting you or did not actually believe you would follow through with your threat, then claimed assault later, you likely cannot be convicted, as they were never legitimately in fear of being harmed.

Contact a Miami aggravated assault lawyer who can provide you with a strong chance of being acquitted of your aggravated assault charges by aggressively defending you in a court of law.

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