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There are very few criminal charges that are as serious as rape, a sex crime that carries some very large consequences. The criminal justice system in Florida punishes this crime quite harshly. This is what makes it difficult to gain employment in the future, buy a home, or even start over, as and the stigma can be so overwhelming that it takes precedence over every aspect of your life.

It is crucial that you seek defense from a Miami sex crime lawyer at Hager & Schwartz, P.A. right away to help you protect your reputation. We have over 40 years of experience providing tough legal representation, standing up for our clients in the courtroom. We have knowledge of the criminal justice system to support you at this time.

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Understanding Rape Charges

Under Florida law, rape is considered an offense categorized as “sexual battery.” This means that the prosecutors have the burden of proving that the alleged actions of the accused person must be considered elements of sexual battery as defined by state law.

This includes proving that the accused engaged in either of the following:

  • Oral penetration
  • Vaginal penetration
  • Anal penetration
  • Sexual penetration with a body part or object

In addition to these, prosecutors must further prove that the accused person’s sexual organs made contact with another’s mouth, vagina, or anus. There must also be an element of consent; by law, prosecutors must prove that alleged victim did not consent to engaging in the acts. There is a caveat, however, and that is that it does not need to be proven that the alleged victim protested to or tried to resist the advances.

What are the possible penalties?

There are a variety of factors that go into the final sentencing and verdicts. These may include the age of the victim and the accused, if the victim suffered any injuries or death, the amount of violence behind the act, and if there were other crimes committed.

The worst possible penalty one could receive from a conviction may include anywhere between fifteen to thirty years imprisonment. In more serious situations, such as in cases where a victim is under the age of 12, the penalties could mean life imprisonment or even the death penalty. Ultimately, any conviction will also require the individual to register for life as a sex offender—which can be, arguably, the most defaming of all other penalties.

If you have been accused, there is not a moment to lose. You need a winning team on your side as quickly as possible. Our experienced Miami criminal defense attorneys fight to the end, working hard on your case to give you the strongest defense possible.

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