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An Overview of Healthcare Fraud in the United States

The healthcare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, when health care fraud is committed; its costs are passed down to the consumer by ways of increased insurance premiums. Healthcare fraud is considered to be a white collar crime, which is commonly committed by healthcare professionals; however, it can be committed by the patient as well.

Healthcare fraud can involve professionals in the medical field coming from all different medical occupations. It can be committed by doctors, chiropractors, psychiatric hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, nursing homes, ambulance services, hospitals and home healthcare. With healthcare fraud, there are no exclusions; virtually anyone in the healthcare industry can be guilty of committing a financially motivated scheme. If you are facing charges for healthcare fraud, you could risk losing your license to practice, as well as heavy fines and incarceration, contact a Miami criminal defense attorney from Hager & Schwartz, P.A. for immediate legal assistance.

How is healthcare fraud committed?

Much like all other white-collar crimes committed by professionals, healthcare fraud is commonly committed by those individuals that have a position of influence and power. Healthcare fraud may be difficult to detect because a number of the players involved may not be aware that they are a victim of such a scheme; however, when a paper trail uncovers fraudulent activities, the individual faces serious legal ramifications including fines, incarceration and sometimes the loss of the right to practice in the field of medicine.

Fraudulent health care schemes take on many forms and in many cases they involve filing false claims for the purpose of making a profit. They may involve billing insurance companies for services never rendered, filing duplicate claims for rendered services, modifying medical records, billing for a non-covered service as a covered service, prescribing unnecessary treatment and much more. It can be extremely easy to fall into the habit of committing health care fraud; however, if one is caught the consequences can ruin one's reputation and their hard-earned medical career.

Miami Healthcare Fraud Defense Lawyer

In addition to the healthcare provider, members can commit healthcare fraud as well. However, members commit healthcare fraud differently; they usually commit fraud by providing false information when applying for an insurance program or services, or they can forge prescriptions, sell their prescriptions, loan someone else their insurance card, or use transportation benefits for non-medical related purposes. If you are facing healthcare fraud charges, it will be absolutely essential to hire a private attorney, one who has extensive experience with healthcare fraud cases. You could be facing serious adverse consequences if you are ultimately convicted.

Contact a Miami healthcare fraud lawyer from the firm immediately if you are under investigation for a healthcare related crime.

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