Heading to Ultra Music Festival? What to Do if You Are Arrested

Ultra Music Festival Arrest

Ultra Music Festival is this weekend! People from all walks of life will be traveling far and wide to attend the festival. Music festivals are meant for all attendees to dance, make new friends, and let loose. Festivals like these are often heavily patrolled by law enforcement and security forces, usually to keep people safe. They are also trained to be suspicious of and sniff out any possible signs of criminal activity.

In our blog, we discuss the common criminal offenses that occur at events like Ultra Music Festival. We also talk about what you can do to defend yourself if you are accused of a crime.

Remember You Have Legal Rights

If an officer stops you on suspicion of committing an offense, you do not have to say anything to them and you have the right to refer them to an attorney if they question you. If you are detained, the officers must remind you of those rights. Furthermore, you have the right not to say anything that could incriminate yourself.

These are some of the most reasons for arrests:

One of the most common types of offenses that occur on festival grounds is drug possession. If an officer stops you, they must have probable cause to do so, and find proof that drugs were on your person. They cannot arrest you simply because they have an inkling that you are carrying drugs.

Police officers also cannot search you based on suspicion, either. Not only is this a violation of your rights, but anything that is revealed or gained from the search is not admissible as evidence in court.

Protect your rights—call a Miami defense lawyer!

If you are planning on attending Ultra Music Festival, we cannot stress enough how important it is to know your rights. Remember that police officers are trained to be suspicious and will be on the lookout for anything and everything. If you believe they have violated your rights, you may have a case!

Our legal team is prepared to defend any type of criminal offense, no matter how small or large. Call Hager & Schwartz, P.A. to consult with our attorneys if you were accused or arrested.

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