George Zimmerman Shot; Shooter Claims Self-Defense

George Zimmerman Shot

George Zimmerman, accused and later acquitted of second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin, was shot on Monday. Zimmerman was driving by Trailhead Park, in Lake Mary.

Since his acquittal in 2013, Zimmerman has led a life behind closed doors, out of the public’s eyes, shaken, and considerably paranoid. This case above exemplifies the overall public view of the Zimmerman’s case outcome—an unpopular decision voiced loud and clear across the nation.

The Scene of the Incident

Zimmerman’s shooter, had previously been involved in an altercation with in September. According to him, he was acting merely in self-defense.

While Zimmerman was driving, the bullet broke through his window, causing shards of glass to fly into the vehicle. The bullet narrowly missed Zimmerman, as the injuries he sustained were merely from the impact of the shards that struck him.

According to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, the shooter’s claim of self-defense in order to protect himself, similar to the defense that was used in Zimmerman’s own trial.

What Is the Stand Your Ground Law?

Stand your ground means the use of force when there is impending threat or danger. It gives citizens the right to protect themselves legally without fear of punishment from the law for using the force. Other states that do not have this law require a citizen to refrain from using force as a form of self-defense. This is called “duty to retreat.” In states where Stand Your Ground is legal, however, this duty is removed.

These are some situations where one may use force:

  • Another person who poses a threat is trying to enter your residence or dwelling
  • Another person trespassing on your private dwelling attacks you
  • If you are threatened or attacked in a location where you have the right to be in and the other does not

This means that the perpetrator in an attack must have provoked the victim. In Zimmerman’s case, he was simply driving around the neighborhood. However, the shooter claimed that Zimmerman was brandishing his gun in front of the shooter, provoking him. Zimmerman’s defense team denies that he showed his gun to the shooter.

While he does have a known history of aggression, and his infamous acquittal in 2013 of Trayvon Martin’s death, have made him a constant target. It is important that while Stand Your Ground laws have legal merit, the moral implications can have long-lasting consequences. It is also an entire different argument in court when trying to reason that self-defense using force was completely necessary in the case.

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