Can Alleged Victims Have Domestic Violence Charges Dropped?

Can Alleged Victims Have Domestic Violence Charges Dropped?

One of the most common questions that deals with domestic violence remains, “Can alleged victims have domestic violence charges dropped?” The short answer to this question is no. According to various sources, once law enforcement or the State Prosecutor’s Office has issued a domestic violence charge. the victim cannot have the charges dropped.

Why Can’t the Victim Have Domestic Violence Charges Dropped?

A victim cannot drop most domestic violence charges because domestic violence is considered a crime, and crimes are governed by the State. So then, it is the State that issues the criminal charges rather than the victim.

For this reason, it is the State Prosecutor’s office that will decide whether or not to drop the charges or to move forward with the case. It is crucial to keep in mind that although a victim may not be able to make the decision to drop the charges, the victim will play a crucial role as proceedings advance.

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