Pembroke Pines Man Charged with Assault on Teens, Hager Defends

Charges have been officially filed against Mario Perez of Pembroke Pines after he allegedly had a dangerous encounter with two teenage neighbors about a month ago. The charges include two counts of armed burglary of an automobile, one count of aggravated battery using a deadly weapon, and a lost count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The encounter with the teenagers apparently began after the youths drove around a convertible vehicle with a noticeably loud engine. Perez is said to have confronted the teens about the noise, ultimately striking one of them with his fists and the muzzle of a firearm. The teenagers claimed that their lives were being legitimately threatened by the man’s actions.

Attorney John Hager of Hager & Schwartz, P.A. has taken up Perez’s defense case. He has focused primarily on the uncharacteristic descriptions of Perez given by the alleged victims. His client has never been known to be “hot-headed” or aggressive. Additionally, a Miami police officer, Sergeant Faris, was also in Perez’s car during the entire altercation. While he has stated he could not see the altercation unfold, it is believed that if something truly that violent was happening, he would have intervened.

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