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How To Get Compassionate Release From Prison

Having a loved one in prison is incredibly difficult. This is especially true when you and your family are going through a challenging time, and your loved one can’t be there with you. However, under certain circumstances, you may be able to seek compassionate release for your loved one.

What is Compassionate Release?

If granted compassionate release, this means that your loved one can be released from jail or prison earlier than the end of their sentence.

What Warrants Compassionate Release?

In order to get compassionate release, you must have an extreme circumstance that warrants your loved one being released prior to serving their entire sentence.

Main reasons for compassionate release include:

  • If the inmate is diagnosed with a severe or terminal illness
  • If the inmate is elderly and has already served a significant portion of their sentence
  • If the guardian of the inmate’s child passes away
  • If the inmate is the only person who can care for an incapacitated spouse or family member

Who is Eligible For Compassionate Release?

When you apply for your loved one to be released early, many factors are taken into account.
These factors include:

  • The offense the inmate was convicted of
  • Victim impact statements
  • How old the inmate was when the offense was committed
  • How long is has been since the offense occurred
  • How the inmate has behaved while incarcerated, any disciplinary actions

Submitting A Motion For Early Release

If you believe that your loved one may be eligible for compassionate release, it’s a good idea to begin working with an attorney. A compassionate release attorney can walk you through the complicated legal process of requesting early release.

You will need to submit a compelling reason why your loved one should be released, and our team at Hager & Schwartz, P.A. can help you present the strongest argument possible.
If your compassionate release request is denied, you are able to file an appeal.

Miami Compassionate Release Attorneys

The thought of being able to bring your loved one home early is incredibly exciting, but can often only be successfully done with the help of a compassionate release attorney by your side. If you are ready to begin your motion, give Hager & Schwartz, P.A. a call at (305) 330-1360.