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Driving under the influence is a crime in every state. Naturally, this means even residents who live in other states can be arrested for DUI in Florida, and vice versa. While being charged for driving under the influence can be a difficult experience in and of itself, out of state DUIs present unique and frustrating challenges for individuals who need to handle legal and administrative proceedings.

At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., our Miami criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience representing clients who have been charged with DUI while visiting Florida, as well as Florida residents who are dealing with DUI charges and repercussions from other states. Whatever your situation may be, you can rely on the experience and insight of our award-winning legal team to help you effectively navigate the legal hurdles ahead.

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Florida DUI & Out of State Residents

South Florida is a destination for millions of Americans, including those who come for vacation and business. When visitors from out of state find themselves facing DUI charges during their limited stay, it is often the case that their travel plans have them leaving long before a resolution can be reached in their cases. While this situation can create added stress for accused individuals, it can be effectively handled by experienced attorneys who are licensed to practice in Florida.

Our legal team can help reduce financial burdens that come with having to travel, lodge, and miss work for court appearances by exploring all available options, including working toward having charges dismissed or reduced, securing alternative sentencing options or pleas in absentia, and transferring probation or other penalties to an individual’s home state.

It is important to note that just because someone lives in another state does not mean they face less severe penalties. A first-time DUI can still subject one to hefty fines, probation, community service, driver’s license penalties, and possible terms of imprisonment. These penalties are elevated if aggravating circumstances are involved, including accidents, injuries, or multiple DUIs.

Out of State DUI & Driver’s License Penalties

Driving under the influence charges involve both criminal and driver’s license proceedings conducted independently of one another. Because Florida is part of what is known as the Driver’s License Compact, it shares information regarding traffic offenses involving drivers of other states. This means that a DUI charge in Florida can certainly result in driver’s license repercussions in a driver’s home state. Our legal team represents clients during both criminal proceedings and driver’s license hearings.

Florida law stipulates that drivers who have been arrested for DUI have only 10 days to request an administrative hearing concerning their driving privileges in order to prevent a suspension. As a suspension here may have an impact on your driving privileges in your home state, you will want to take quick action to speak with an attorney who can handle the matter on your behalf.

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The most important thing you can do after being charged with a Florida DUI as a non-resident is to enlist the help of seasoned defense attorneys who know how to handle the challenging issues of your case. At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., both of our firm’s attorneys are former Florida prosecutors who know Florida DUI laws inside and out. They leverage this insight for the benefit of clients facing charges, and draw from extensive experience to address any unique issues that arise.

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