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  • I could not be happier with the outcome as it exceeded my expectations!
    Words can not describe how happy I am tonight! I want to give a big thanks to Hager & Schwartz, P.A. From beginning to end I had no doubt in my mind that Brett would be able to handle my case, and handle he did. I could not be happier with the outcome as it exceeded my expectations and I highly recommended you give them a call if you are ever in need of a criminal attorney.

    - Robert

  • I will be forever grateful.
    I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I realize you are and to know that you took this time to help me when I needed you the most is just amazing. I will be forever grateful.

    - B. D.

  • Couldn't have done it without him!
    John Hager went above and beyond!! He was very understanding and sympathetic to my situation and helped me get through everything without me having to panic. I never waited for a phone call back nor did I feel like I was getting brushed to the side. He handled my case with a great deal of professionalism and was able to get my matter resolved quickly. I would HIGHLY recommend Mr. Hager!!!

    - Erika

    Daytona Beach, FL
  • I strongly recommend John Hager.
    I strongly recommend John Hager. He was very professional since our first meeting until my case was declined. Not only he gave me his professional advice, but walked me step by step on all possible outcomes, even giving me his "gut feeling" about my case based on all his years of experience. I could reach him 24/7 via phone, email, or text. Always kept me up to date with what was going on. He is known by a lot of people at the Broward County Court House, which also gave me a sense of security. I couldn't be happier with him, his staff, and the outcome! He is the best! I hope I never need and attorney again, but if I do, I will go seek his advice and services!

    - Sara

  • So grateful to have found Brett Schwartz!
    I knew in the few minutes in speaking with Brett that he was the right attorney for my Domestic Violence case. He put me at ease immediately and got the ball rolling to rectify the issue. He kept me informed with updates and the process, was honest, caring and to the point, regarding my case. It was all so overwhelming for this "newbie" to the Justice System. I really appreciate all that Brett has done for me and my family. It goes without saying, I highly recommend Brett Schwartz.

    - Rachel

    Miami, FL
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    We hired Brett Schwartz to defend my son who was facing false but extremely serious allegations of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and a protective order against his eight year old son. He had overcome all odds of winning a military Court Marshall and now faced a civil proceeding where the odds were stacked against him once again. He was living a nightmare and faced a future where he would not be able to contact his son for over ten years. His life, his career, his whole world was falling apart. We needed an attorney who would fight for him, believe in him and go above and beyond the call of duty to represent him and win. We found Brett Schwartz and we are eternally grateful. After 14 months of hell and uncertainty in a case that was supposed to last an afternoon and ended up lasting three days, Mr. Schwartz achieved the unbelievable outcome. He completely discredited all the lies and false accusations resulting in the judge admonishing his accuser on her untrue testimony and lack of credibility and the case was dismissed. He won for my son and our family. Brett truly believed in my son and defended him to the very end. His strategic cross examination of my son's accuser, his wife, exposed lies, collusion, and witnesses who could not be believed. He totally turned the tables in the courtroom, the prosecution was in disarray and disbelief. His confidence, his refusal to give up or give in, his positive approach, his compassion, fighting spirit and professionalism make him an outstanding attorney and the only choice anyone should make if you are looking to win your case. We highly recommend Brett Schwartz. He won against all odds. We are so thankful that we found you Brett, We know you will face many more tough cases, yet we are so confident that you will continue to win like you did for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    - Beverley

  • A law firm of honor, integrity and devotion to service.
    On 21 September 2015 I was arrested and thrown into a military prison. I was falsely accused of rape and domestic violence by my wife. I had been married for 8 years and was in the United States Coast Guard. I hired Mr. Brett Schwartz to defend or litigate a civil injunction/restraining order that my wife filed with the county. My wife stated that I was dangerous and abusive to her and my son. I highly recommend, Mr. Schwartz as he is very professional, genuine, and honest and will work diligently to litigate your case, quickly and efficiently with the best possible outcome. After spending 10 months in pre-trial confinement, I was found not guilty of rape and domestic violence by a military jury panel. I was returned back to service with the Untitled States Coast Guard. While I was in pre-trial confinement waiting for my federal criminal trial, Mr. Schwartz extended my civil injunction/hearing on more than 4 occasions until I was free from confinement. On 16 November during a 20 hour civil hearing, in Miami Fl, Mr. Brett Schwartz was able to litigate in front of a female Judge that my wife was a liar, vindictive, manipulative and a narcissistic person willing to do anything to put her husband in jail. Mr. Schwartz's knowledge of the law and courtroom tactics was quite evident as he made relevant and aggressive objections to the opposing council on numerous occasions. His cross examination technique is impeccable and he was able to impeach my wife on multiple occasions. Brett Schwartz is without a doubt the best civilian lawyer money can buy and is an amazing speaker. Mr. Schwartz is a great "General" and will lead you into battle in the courtroom with honor and integrity and will give you his all. Mr. Schwartz was able to lead me to victory that day and the permanent injunction was denied by the Judge and she dismissed the case in my favor. Trust Mr. Schwartz to lead you to victory. Mr. Schwartz had the utmost respect, professionalism and trustworthiness during my court proceedings. He kept me very informed and genuinely cared about my case which made me feel safe with my decision to hire him. He is worth every dime I paid.

    - Brett Schwartz is the GOAT ( Greatest Of All Time)

  • Great Representation
    As a parent, I was worried about the outcome of the case and the trouble expenses that we could have incurred as being from out of state. Mr. Schwartz was able to handle the case easily saving us a lot of trouble, headaches, and money. We are most apperceive for getting the case dismissed but we are also grateful for not having to travel to Florida back and forth and not mention avoiding the court rooms.

    - Araceli

    Denver, CO
  • Great experience! Dismissed my case!
    I hired Attorney Brett Schwartz and I am beyond pleased with my experience. It was a scary ride for me however he was able to keep me calm and explain how the process works and kept me updated consistently. If i had any questions regarding the case I could easily call, text, or e-mail and he would always respond in a timely manner. He was confident that he could handle the case and therefore he did! The case got dismissed and therefore he did exactly what I hired him to do. Also, he helped immensely by allowing me to pay him by payments which made it much easier for me. He certainly knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him 10 stars! -Andrea

    - Andrea

    Denver, CO
  • Thanks & Appreciation
    It is with great pleasure to write briefly and comment on John's performance, professionalism and compassion for me as his client. As an attorney, he always stayed ahead of what was going on, worked diligently and efficiently to satisfy all requests. He is a connoisseur of his craft and conveyed all arguments to its full potential. He not only kept communication with me, but even when I couldn't reach him, he spoke with my family with respect and assured them during trying times, that all would be ok and calmed their spirits. He over time has become more than an attorney but truly a friend to both my family and I. He is a proven asset to the company and has done above and beyond his responsibilities as my attorney. He sought everything through to the fullest and I am more than thrilled and impressed at the outcome. I would recommend his services to anyone I know, knowing that he or she is in good hands. Thanks John.

    - Arthur S

    Pembroke Pines, FL
  • Here is a lawyer you can trust
    My name is John, from Westtown NY. My son got into a little legal trouble in the great state of florida, and I needed an experienced, sharp, get it done type lawyer, and I found that in John Hager. He was considerate, responsive, informative, and most of all, very effective. He assured my very distraught wife, that my son's case would be handled quickly, professionally, and with a positive outcome, all of that turned out to be true. Here is a lawyer you can trust.

    - John

  • John saved it all!
    First I want to start by saying that the domestic violence battery case brought against me was one of the single most stressful events I’ve been through in my life. I just thank God that John was on my side. Immediately after being released from jail John called me directly. He had an action plan in place and made me feel confident that everything was going to be alright. He was patient, diligent, and relentless when it came to his litigation negotiations. From the day I got arrested my career, professional licenses, and entire future was at jeopardy of being destroyed. John saved it all! John was able to negotiate a full dismissal of my charges, and I can’t thank him enough for his services!
  • Thanks Brett...sound strategy and a willingness to go the extra mile made all the difference!
    Brett aggressively handled my felony cases and the outcome directly reflected his tenacity.

    - Bradley B

    Miami, FL
  • Case Dismissed! Thanks John
    John was there for me, always responsive and caring. He knows how to speak to the prosecutor and move things along in the right direction. My case was dismissed! A nightmare turned into just a bad dream

    - Kevin

  • SCORE!!! John exceeded our expectations
    John exceeded our expectations...we needed an attorney fast to represent us in court. We called him at the last minute, feeling helpless. He manage to provide representation for us within a couple of hours. That won my loyalty. Moving forward he maintained that work ethic going over and beyond to prove our innocence. That kind of dedication, is hard to find. I will truly be grateful for his professionalism and kindness towards our case, as well as recommend him highly!

    - Jill

    Miami, FL
  • Top Notch! I cannot say enough about Attorney Hager
    I cannot say enough about Attorney Hager . He was quick to respond to my questions and then acted only after investigating my situation. He represented us with great knowledge and kept us informed every step of the way. He gave us our options with the reality of the situation and managed to represent us formidably! I cannot say enough about Atty. Hager.

    - Darlene

    Miami, FL
  • Honest and hard worker
    Hired Brett to take care of my son's problem and taking in consideration I was overseas at the time and found him through Avvo, let's say I was bit apprehensive of what I was going to get and if I was throwing my money away. But hey, I ended up hitting the lotto (and I can say that by bad experiences I had with other attorneys I hired in the past for different cases) and Brett lived up to all of my expectations and more. He was not cheap, but boy he was worth every penny! What I liked the most was that he was available every time I called him and his assistant was on the money too responding to my emails promptly. My son's case was finalized and the outcome was pretty much what we anticipated. I definitely recommend Brett to anyone who is in search of an honest attorney (kinda a hard these days...) and hard worker and most importantly he is there for you any time you call.

    - Carlos

    Miami, FL
  • Best lawyer I came across!
    I would highly recommend this law firm as your next attorney. The staff was very nice and pleasant. During the period of time when my case was pending they always kept me updated on what was going on . Even when I called after business hours I was still able to reach someone with concerns and questions I had. Oh yeah I save the best for last he got my case dismissed. Talking about a good lawyer.

    - Mary

    Miami, FL
  • Excellent representation
    When you go through such a terrible experience, the best thing is to have the right people in your corner. I was facing felony charges up to 25 years in prison and thankfully, the charges were declined and I never had to step foot in a courtroom. I was so pleased with the great representation from this firm. The staff is professional, kind and they work hard to help their clients get the best outcomes possible. Because of their hard effort, my worries are over. If I know of anyone in a legal situation, I would recommend this firm.

    - Justyn

    Miami, FL
  • Very Satisfied and Thankful client
    I contacted Brett Schwartz after being falsely accused and arrested. No clue what was going on, never arrested, and never handcuffed. It was an embarrassing and utterly complete nightmare. Mr. Schwartz was very confident and knowledgeable when presenting to me my options and although under heavy burden, I felt better as he kept me updated. The sentence carried serious time and it was a constant burden on my life with thoughts of possibly being incarcerated for something that I had nothing to do with. Mr. Schwartz is meticulous and strategic, executed and was able to get the charges dropped without having to go to trial. He is extremely efficient and knowledgeable at his trade. I highly recommend Mr. Schwartz to anyone in need of great results.
    Miami, FL