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Trespassing is one of the most common charges prosecuted against minors. According to the Florida Statutes § 810.09, a person commits trespassing when they enter or remain on any property without being authorized, licensed, or invited. Additionally, prosecutors must prove that there was notice against trespassing, either through the use of communication, such as a sign, or through the use of fences or other boundaries. Typically, trespassing is a first-degree misdemeanor, although heightened charges and felony allegations can be prosecuted when aggravating circumstances are involved, including trespassing with the intent to commit another offense, such as vandalism or burglary, or when an individual trespasses on certain properties, including construction sites and agricultural sites.

If your child has been charged with trespassing, taking swift action is of the utmost importance. At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., our Miami criminal defense attorneys are able to use our extensive resources to conduct thorough investigations that secure the supporting evidence needed to disprove the prosecution's case. In addition, we use our experience as former prosecutors to anticipate the tactics that will be used against your son or daughter when pushing for a conviction. As juveniles face serious consequences when convicted of trespassing, including possible terms of detention and probation, we leave no stone unturned when preparing our defense and fighting aggressively on your child's behalf.

Depending on the nature of the trespassing allegation, your child may face penalties that pose significant barriers to their future social mobility. Employers and schools may view criminal convictions negatively, thereby limiting your child's opportunities. As such, taking preemptive measures to work with compassionate, attentive, and aggressive criminal defense attorneys can help you better understand the charges and penalties your child faces, and will provide our legal team with the additional time needed to build a strong and effective defense.

Allow Our Legal Team to Defend Your Child's Future

Having defended the rights and futures of minors throughout the years, our legal team knows that trespassing is an all too common charge and one far too many have done themselves when they were young. We know that no parent wants their child to grapple with the long-term repercussion associated with a criminal conviction, and we make every effort possible to provide our clients with the personal attention and exceptional legal representation they need as they navigate the juvenile court process. We encourage parents and families throughout Miami-Dade County to reach out to our firm for immediate assistance, as we pride ourselves on being available for free case evaluations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Place your child's case and future in the hands of proven, passionate attorneys. Contact Hager & Schwartz, P.A. to discuss your legal needs.

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