Bribery is the illegal practice of offering a third-party something, usually monetary compensation, in order to illicit a desired response. By offering a person a bribe, it is hoped that the person will not act in accordance with his/her rightful duties. Usually, this crime occurs within a corporate environment or in politics. When bribery is committed, both the person who offered the bribe and the person who accepted the bribe may be susceptible to immediate legal action, as bribery is a crime of economic and political corruption.


Like a theft crime, a white collar crime is a type of criminal activity that occurs when a person uses false pretenses to illegally obtain funds from a third party. The main difference between a theft crime and a white collar crime is that white collar crimes tend to occur within business settings, at the corporate level. Most white collar crime or bribery offenders are people in respectable positions such as executives, directors, managers, and even government officials. 

Once a white collar crime is committed, like bribery, a lengthy investigation is likely to ensue at the federal level. This is because white collar crimes cause the federal government substantial loss each and every year. People who are suspected of committing a white collar crime may be investigated by the FBI, CIA, SEC, and FTC. At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., our legal team understands how serious criminal charges of this nature can be, and we are therefore completely devoted to defending our clients who have been accused of them. If you choose to work with a Miami bribery attorney from our firm, you can be confident that we will go the distance to help you reach your desired result.

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