Federal authorities are very sensitive to criminal acts that may be construed as terrorism. Any violence against noncombatant individuals that involves premeditation or political motivations can be classified as a terrorist act, and charged as such. Such acts are prosecuted at the federal level, and they can be met with a wide variety of very serious penalties. If one or more individuals die as a result of a crime considered a terrorist act, the accused can face imprisonment for life without parole, and possibly even the death penalty. A person can also be convicted and penalized for the act of making terrorist threats.


There are a number of criminal acts that can result in a person being charged with terrorism, such as:

  • Attempt or commission of a chemical or biological attack
  • The threat, attempt, or commission of an act of damaging federal property
  • The attempt or commission of spreading/distributing radioactive materials
  • The threat, attempt, or commission of an act of injuring or fatally wounding noncombatant individuals in a hijacking, bombing, or similar violent attack

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