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Originating from polar opposites of the Eastern Seaboard, the founding partners of Hager & Schwartz followed similar timelines and both landed in elite law schools in the state of Florida. The two later teamed up to establish one of the most respected criminal defense firms in Southern and Central Florida. It’s not just their extensive combined history in the area of criminal defense that makes them such an elite team, but rather their collective, genuine passion for vindicating the wrongfully accused.

The Hager & Schwartz team set out to defend and protect those who are facing potentially life-threatening charges, and their efforts toward dismissing those charges, reducing them, and working with prosecution to minimize sentencing continues to speak to their level of professionalism and know-how. We happily introduce you to the founders of the Hager & Schwartz firm, the men who will tirelessly devote their resources and experience to defending you in your case. We also serve clients in Volusia County and Broward County.

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