Money Laundering

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What is Money Laundering?

In its most basic terms, money laundering is the attempt to make dirty money look clean. Through moving the illegally gained funds into various accounts and investments, money launderers can make money appear to be legitimate. The first step that happens in money laundering is usually depositing the money into a bank or other financial institution. This can be fraught with risk as a large deposit of cash may alert the authorities that something is amiss. In order to make the cash flow difficult to track, the money launderer will then transfer the money into different offshore accounts and large purchases. Later on, they may deposit it into a domestic bank account to invest it so that is can be used.

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Money Laundering Laws & Statutes

According to the U.S. Code 18 § 1956, Laundering of Monetary instruments, it is illegal to transfer money that was gained through illegal means, such as drug crimes, white collar crimes, or organized crimes. It is also illegal to try to hide where the money came from and attempt to make it look like it came from another source.

Defense for Money Laundering Charges in FL

Billions of dollars every year are laundered. This is a concern because it poses a threat to governments and economies. Due to its serious nature, the penalties can be severe, sometimes resulting in fines of up to double the amount that was laundered. If you are facing these accusations, it is imperative that you act quickly. By talking to a Miami money laundering attorney from our firm, you could get experienced and aggressive legal defense. As former state prosecutors, we understand how the other side thinks and know the best way to defend you.

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