Defending a minor facing juvenile charges requires specific knowledge and skill in representing clients in juvenile court. At Hager & Schwartz, P.A. our Miami juvenile crime defense attorneys understand the ins and outs of Florida's juvenile justice system.

We know exactly how to effectively represent minors accused of all types of crimes, from simple vandalism or shoplifting all the way to murder.

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The consequences of a juvenile crime conviction are far-reaching. If your child has been arrested or detained for a criminal offense, he or she may face incarceration as well as the possibility of having a juvenile record.

This can have a tremendous impact on your child's future, as educational and employment opportunities may be negatively affected. That is why it is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Early intervention gives an attorney a better chance of securing a positive outcome on your behalf.


Types of juvenile crimes our Miami juvenile crime lawyers handle:


As defined by § 810.02 of the Florida Statutes, burglary is an offense in which any individual enters a dwelling (home), structure, or transportation vehicle, with the intent to commit an offense within that structure. Additionally, the structure in question must be closed to the public and / or the individual does not have permission to enter.

For adult offenders, burglary is a serious felony offense, punishable by large fines and lengthy prison terms. While the court process and penalties for juveniles may differ, there is no denying the fact that a burglary conviction poses serious, long-term consequences. From the possibility of detention in a juvenile detention facility to fines, probation, and the repercussions that come with having a criminal record, consequences faced by young offenders can be debilitating and severely limiting.

There are various degrees of burglary, your child may face enhanced charges and penalties. Some common examples may include:

  • Burglary of an inhabited dwelling (occupied home)
  • Burglary committed with assault or battery
  • Burglary committed with the use of a weapon


Robbery poses extremely harsh penalties and numerous long-term repercussions. Under Florida Statutes § 812.13, robbery can be prosecuted when an individual takes money or property directly from another person's immediate possession and when the act is committed with the use of force, violence, assault, or threats that produce fear.

Robbery charges may also vary depending on the circumstances involved, including any of the following offenses:

  • Second-degree felony when robbery is committed without the use of a firearm or weapon
  • First-degree felony when robbery is committed with the use of a weapon
  • First-degree felony when robbery is committed with the use of a firearm or other deadly weapon
  • Robbery by sudden snatching (§ 812.131) – a robbery offense characterized by a victim becoming "aware of the taking"
  • Carjacking (§812.133) – a robbery offense involving the theft of a motor vehicle directly from a person's possession using force, threats, violence, or assault
  • Home-invasion robbery (§812.135) – robbery of an inhabited dwelling in which an individual commits a robbery of the home's occupants

In the event that victims were harmed or injured in the commission of a robbery, prosecutors may also push for heightened charges and penalties. The penalties may include possible terms of detention in a juvenile detention facility, probation, fines, court-ordered classes, and the limitations that come with having such a serious conviction on one's record can negatively impact your child's future.


In Miami-Dade County, drug crimes are among the most heavily prosecuted criminal offenses of all juvenile crimes. While charges can vary considerably, all drug crime allegations should be taken seriously, as they pose significant penalties and can threaten the futures of young convicted offenders.

At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., our Miami juvenile crime lawyers have handled numerous drug crime cases for minors throughout the years. If your son or daughter stands accused of any type of drug crime, including any of the following, place your trust in a firm that knows how to handle these cases effectively:

  • Possession, including possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of prescription drugs and prescription fraud
  • Sales, delivery, trafficking, and distribution
  • Under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Marijuana drug crimes, including possession, sale, and cultivation of marijuana

Typically, juveniles convicted of a drug offense face penalties that include drug counseling, loss of a driver's license, community service, and probation.

Depending on the severity of the charge and controlled substance involved, minors may also face sentences in a juvenile detention facility. It also goes without saying that there are a number of societal repercussions that comes with having a criminal conviction on one's record.


At Hager & Schwartz, P.A., our Miami juvenile crime attorneys are strong advocates for minors' rights. As a first step in taking on a juvenile crime case, we work to ensure that the minor is not tried as an adult. In some violent and serious felony offenses, a minor may face trial as an adult and therefore the same penalties that an adult would face.

As Florida tries more juveniles as adults than most other states - according to statistics published by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) - ensuring that young clients are not prosecuted as adults are one of our first priorities. We believe that juvenile offenders need rehabilitation, not simply punishment. Our goals typically revolve around ensuring that your child is not prosecuted as an adult, that charges can be dropped or reduced, and that penalties can be mitigated, served in alternative settings, or eliminated entirely.

Our Miami juvenile crime lawyers believe in rehabilitation that enables a minor to learn from his or her past mistakes and move on. We believe in helping children, teens, and young adults by protecting their rights and interests in Florida juvenile court proceedings.

If your son or daughter faces any type of criminal offense, please do not delay in finding the genuine support, factual information, and attentive legal assistance you need as you navigate this difficult journey. Allow a member of our legal team to provide you and your child with an immediate case evaluation, during which you can learn more about the nature of the charges and penalties at hand, and the ways in which our legal team can help.

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