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Are All Florida DUI Charges the Same?

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

February 18, 2019

We’ve all seen the Cops episode where a guy gets pulled over for suspected drunk driving. After a couple of tests, it’s “clear” to the cop that the guy is intoxicated. After arresting the guy, the cop says something like, “we get a lot of these out here, it’s always the same thing.” However, are Florida DUI charges “always the same thing.”

Are All DUI Charges the Same?

In short, DUI charges are different for two reasons. First, the severity of a Florida DUI charge can change based on certain circumstances.

The following factors will impact the severity of a DUI charge:

  • If you’ve been arrested for a DUI before;
  • If you’re driving on a suspended license;
  • If you’re driving with a minor;
  • If you injure others in a DUI-related crash;
  • If you blow over a 0.15% blood alcohol content (BAC);
  • If you blow over a 0.08% BAC;
  • If you refuse to blow or comply with field sobriety tests;

Second, the way a DUI attorney will fight for a case is different depending on the circumstances.

The following factors will impact how we fight for a case:

  • Is there established probable cause?
  • Did the police properly test the suspect’s BAC?
  • Did police have a legitimate reason to arrest the suspect?
  • Was the arresting officer wearing a body cam?
  • Did the suspect admit guilt?
  • Is this a first-time DUI arrest?

As you can see, DUI charges are different for a variety of reasons. In short, the circumstances of every DUI are specific, which is why it’s essential to hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight for your case properly!

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