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Can I Open a Credit Card in My Spouse’s Name?

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

July 17, 2019

Some couples share everything, including their financial burdens. That’s why it’s a good idea to know if a spouse can open a credit card in the other’s name.

Can I Open a Credit Card in My Spouse’s Name?

In short, the answer is probably. If you have your spouse’s financial information, opening a credit card in his or her name is possible if the customer service representative allows it. However, just because it’s possible, that doesn’t mean it’s legal. 

Opening a credit card in someone else’s name is illegal, even if it’s your spouse. You and your spouse may share a bank account, and you may know your spouse’s social security number, but opening a credit card in your spouse’s name is technically a form of credit card fraud.  

Why Is This Credit Card Fraud?

Opening a credit card in your spouse’s name is fraud because, in Florida, the charges you make on the card are directly connected to your spouse’s finances rather than your own. That means any debts you accrue on the card would be associated with your spouse’s account rather than your own, even though you were the one who opened the account and made the purchases.

Are You Facing Credit Card Fraud Charges?

If you are facing credit card fraud charges for opening an account in your spouse’s name, Hager & Schwartz can help you with your case. Our firm is known for making a difference in our client’s cases, and we know we can make a difference in yours!

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