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October 9, 2019
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What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

October 16, 2019

Those convicted of DUIs face harsh penalties resulting from their crimes. While some penalties (jail time, fines, etc.) are worse than others, it’s good to know all of the potential ramifications of a DUI charge. For this reason, we will explain what’s known as ignition interlock devices (IID).

Ignition Interlock Device

An IID is a breathalyzer failsafe mechanism meant to prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road. Those convicted of certain Florida DUIs must put IIDs in their vehicles as a form of punishment.

Here is how IIDs work.

The IID is directly connected to the car’s ignition system and acts as a gatekeeper. The potential driver must blow into the breathalyzer portion of the IID, and the system will determine the person’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

If the person’s BAC is higher than it’s supposed to be, the IID prevents the car from starting. At this point, the potential driver is stuck at the wheel, waiting until his or her BAC is low enough to get the car started. However, IIDs are also used on the road.

Rolling Retests

IIDs prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road, but they are also used to test a driver’s BAC while he or she is on the road. While driving, an IID may require another breath sample, known as a rolling retest.

A rolling restest forces a driver to test while on the road, and if the driver fails the test or fails to provide a sample, the IID logs the incident, warns the driver, and starts an alarm until the car is turned off or a clean breath sample is given.

Fighting DUI Accusations

An IID is only one of the potential penalties of certain Florida DUI cases, and that’s why anyone accused of a DUI should hire experienced representation. Hager & Schwartz is an award-winning criminal defense firm in Florida, and we ready to take on your case!

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