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Miami Police Force Cracks Down on “Pop Up Clubs”

By Hager & Schwartz, P.A.

December 15, 2014

In recent months, "pop up clubs" in Miami have been the scenes of multiple shootings and other crimes, news sources report. City officials and law enforcement believe that the clubs, many of which operate without proper likening, facilitate criminal activity, including violent crime.

Now, law enforcement is determined to crack down on pop up clubs throughout the Miami area. A Miami police commander briefed commissioners on "Operation Club Safe," which will target the pop up clubs to make sure that they are safe and legal.

"We want to bring about safety to these establishments and to ensure they're operating within the scope of their license," said the police chief.

One commissioner believes that alcohol licensing may be at the root of the problem and is asking for a comprehensive review of the city's alcohol ordinances. "We want to make sure a catering license is not misinterpreted as an all-night, all-weekend license," he said.

In September, two teens opened fire at "The Spot," a pop up night club in Liberty City, injuring 15 people. Police arrested a suspect shortly after the incident, but law enforcement hopes to increase safety by continuing to crack down on the legality of the nightclubs.

According to news reports, The Spot operates as an unlicensed nightclub at night and on weekends.

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado wants local residents to know that pop up clubs like The Spot aren't following the law. Most of these establishments, one news story indicated, are located on the North side of Miami.

Licensing Loopholes Create Safety Problems

City officials are afraid that pop up clubs, which are only in operation because of legal "loopholes," will create a double standard. "How can we require legitimate club owners to invest millions in fire walls and safety systems when…these clubs don't even have a fire extinguisher?" said on city commissioner.