An arrest warrant is a court ordered document that is issued by a judge that allows for a person’s immediate, onsite arrest by law enforcement. This means that if a person has an arrest warrant in his/her name, he/she can be placed under arrest by police and brought to appear in a court of law.

Arrest warrants are usually issued when law enforcement has reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that a particular person committed the crime. After law enforcement has reason to suspect that a person has committed a crime, they may go to a judge and seek an arrest warrant, which will allow them to arrest and detain the person listed on the warrant. Police may do this so they can question the person or they may do this so that they can press criminal charges against the person on the warrant

Typically, before an arrest warrant can be issued for a misdemeanor offense, police must have sufficient probable cause. In cases that involve misdemeanor offenses, an arrest warrant may be issued if law enforcement did not see the crime, but has reason or proof that a crime was committed by a particular person. In cases involving felonies, an arrest warrant may not be necessary, as the crime is more severe in nature.


If you answered “yes”, you should consider speaking with our firm as soon as possible. If you are spotted by law enforcement, they will have the legal right to detain you and take you into police custody. You will then face questioning and possible criminal prosecution.

By getting an experienced defense lawyer from Hager & Schwartz, P.A. involved immediately after your arrest warrant has been issued or you have been contacted by law enforcement, you stand a greater chance of avoiding what may be a lengthy term of incarceration. Remember, avoidance is never your best option. You should always take the time to meet with a defense lawyer who can represent you throughout your legal matter, from start to finish, and who can safeguard your future well-being.

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